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About ARKIT Blacksmithing

Company ARKIT Artist Blacksmithing A. Rosinski leads business since 1984. Initially, we were more inclined to produce on a large scale mainly spans the fence, along with the subsequent, more ambitious projects we have become a leading manufacturer of all types of works of artistic metalwork - gates fence (double-wing, self-supporting, industrial), wrought iron railings (external, internal), gratings, and candlesticks, fireplace accessories and toolboxes, flower beds, window curtain rods, furniture, canopies, or chandeliers. We offer a full range of products - from simple gates and fencing low spans, through projects implemented by individual customers' wishes, ending with the prestigious projects whose description can be found below.

We are very pleased to welcome on our pages people interested in traditional crafts artistic metalwork. We suggest you familiarize yourself with our offer, which in addition to traditional products of artistic smithing - beautiful railings, wrought iron gates and fences, wrought iron grilles or wykwintych furniture also includes various types of fireplace accessories, garden trellises, candelabras and a horseshoe-type gadgets and fortunately for wine racks.

Artist Blacksmithing ARKIT has over 1000 testimonials from satisfied customers, including Children Hospital, Warsaw, Kopernik Street, Municipal Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Mazowieckie voivodship, Church St. Anna in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Hospital of the West. We operate mainly in Mazowieckie
(Warsaw and surroundings), but we have created an export of about 30 works of blacksmiths.


Our works are appreciated by the greatest authorities culture. Our products - forged gate, together with the bays and intricately decorated ogrodzeniowymi poles played a major role (have been borrowed by us) in one scene, the latest film Mr. Krzysztof Zanussi - "Warm Heart." Congratulations and thanks to our hands by the master himself Zanussi (pictured with the owner ARKIT Metal Art - Andrew Rosiński and delivered by us horseshoe thankfully). Gate can be seen in theaters since 2008 and in the meantime we invite you to check out our "ARKIT" Artist Blacksmithing.

The ceremonial unveiling of the gate, we have created for Warsaw's Hospital for Children at Kopernika Street (the most representative part of Warsaw - Nowy Swiat and around Tamka), made the Miss World 2006 Tatana Kucharova two days after her coronation in Warsaw's Congress Hall (pictured with the owner ARKIT Blacksmithing Artistic).



We are pleased to announce that in 2009, was launched online store ARKIT Artist Blacksmithing.

In the shop there are forged interior furnishings - furniture, tables, chairs, wine rack wrought, letter boxes, clothes hangers, toolboxes fireplace, a horseshoe for good luck. Store offer will be gradually updated with additional designs from our extensive range. Welcome to the frequent visits!